Educational Seminars

Our educational seminars are designed to empower and enlighten families, providing invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities associated with caring for individuals with special needs. With a diverse array of speaking topics, we cover a comprehensive range of vital subjects, including Life Planning Overview, Care and Communication, How to Apply to SSI, The Social System, Guardianship, Wills and Trusts, Waiver Programs and SSI, and Change of Beneficiary. Our team of experienced speakers deliver engaging and informative presentations tailored to various settings such as schools, churches, support groups, and more. For scheduling inquiries, kindly contact Lauren Burton, who will be delighted to assist you with availability and any further details.


Life Planning Overview

Learn what the essential elements are for a complete and effective Life Plan and why the Life Plan is so important to the future of your entire family, not just the child with special needs.

Care and Communication

What is the best way to communicate your Life Plan for your child with special needs to other family members and caregivers both before and after you are gone.

How to Apply to SSI

SSI is an important step in getting services for your child with special needs. The application process can be confusing, and if done incorrectly can keep you from getting benefits. Learn who to talk to, what to say and what information is needed to apply.

The Social System

There are many programs available to help your family and child with special needs. Learn what programs are right for your family, how they can benefit your family and how to access the services.


What is guardianship and why is it so important to parents of children with special needs. Learn about guardianship of adults with specials needs and how to protect you and your child.

Wills and Trusts

Life Planning is more than a will and a trust, but these are still essential pieces to the puzzle. Learn about the importance of an estate plan to protect your child with special needs as well as their siblings.

Waiver programs and SSI

Get on the list!! What are Texas Medicaid Waiver Programs and how can you sign up and take advantage of their services. What services are available through Medicaid and Waiver Programs?

Change of Beneficiary

How to change beneficiary designations as part of estate planning to protect your child’s benefits.


For more information or to schedule an educational seminars, please feel free to contact Lauren Burton. She will be happy to assist you with any inquiries, provide additional details, and help you secure your spot at our empowering events.